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Outsourced Product Development

To remain competitive, organizations need to be able to focus on their core business processes. Product Developers, for example, can expend their resources on the concept, design, developing marketing strategies and business development.  The actual product development can be outsourced to a suitable developer.

There may also be other factors that come into play.  Designing and Engineering a software product from its specification to its release requires a dedicated team of skilled software personnel, experienced managers, and domain experts.

Most product companies do not have sufficient management or engineering resources in-house to bring the desired product to the market at the targeted time. Today, many companies are taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of Outsourced Product Development, an option which was not available too long ago.

The reasons why a company should consider outsourcing product development are many:

  • The in-house engineering team may require additional skill-sets to engineer the product (e.g., experience with open source solutions and specific language expertise)
  • Adequate engineering resources may not be available in-house to start development on the new software product or enhance an existing product
  • The cost of adding additional software engineers to an in-house team can be deferred
  • This may be the only way to meet stringent time-to-market requirements
  • From working with a well-established and professional outsourcing engineering services company, an additional benefit would include understanding infrastructure and well-defined management processes
  • In-house engineering teams can also benefit from the association and collaboration with other engineers at the outsourcing engineering services company

Having decided to outsource Product Development, the most critical issue becomes selection of the outsourcing partner.  This requires careful consideration. Apart from cost considerations, the developer must have the engineering resources in place with the technical background and necessary infrastructure to ensure a quality product and meet your quality and time-to-market expectations.

SYNTAX: the ideal outsourced product engineering team

With it vast experience and extensive technical & domain expertise, Syntax is an excellent partner to work with.  We have successfully managed, developed and delivered quality products in a diverse set of domains.  We score high when it comes to why you must choose Syntax:

  • A proven ability to engineer products.
  • A through understanding of the entire product development lifecycle including requirements specifications, design, development, quality assurance testing, and release
  • A commitment to best practices throughout the product development lifecycle to ensure high quality during the development process
  • Skilled engineers plus access to off-shore resources to quickly and adequately staff the engineering team to meet the product development requirements
  • Management infrastructure in place to closely monitor the progress of projects throughout the product development lifecycle, and to ensure communication between customers, software engineers and our project management
  • Project infrastructure to ensure strict adherence to source code control and backup procedures
  • Total commitment to continuing technical education to ensure that engineering resources remain up-to-date on the latest advances in technology
  • Skilled engineering resources with strong backgrounds in a wide variety of operating environments, languages and technologies
  • Strong regulatory procedures and security policies and infrastructure
  • Microsoft certified partner and Sun Developer Connection partner.  This helps Syntax to continuously improve delivery on these platforms

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