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Outsourced Software Development

Syntax's Outsourced software development service enables companies to meet their real-world business needs through a comprehensive range of value-added architecture, technology and development expertise.

Our services are aimed at helping customers realize their vision within budget and on schedule.  Our methodology is focused on integrating offshore software development services and practices seamlessly with the customer's business and technology practices.   We use all the man-years of our past experiences, proven industry practices and established tools to ensure that every project is totally transparent, efficient and has predictable results.

As experience demonstrates, no implementation method by itself - be that ISO, CMM, or an agile approach is a 'one-size-fits-all' solution for every budget and timeframe.  Therefore, we also advise and help customers in matching business processes and understanding mutual expectations towards software development methodology that is best suited for their customized needs. The end objective is, of-course, to maximize returns.

As a global technology outsourcing provider, we make a consistent effort to ensure that project communication goes smoothly, by providing:

  • Onsite teams that closely collaborate with the customer to get a better understanding of business and project requirements
  • A secure and efficient communication environment for all the distributed team members, both onsite and offshore/near-shore
  • Specialized information infrastructure and effective communication tools for centralizing, organizing and managing all project information.

Further, flexible contractual models ensure that software outsourcing project is delivered on time and on budget, while meeting the highest quality requirements.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that customers maximize the benefits of outsourcing software services in terms of cost, quality and capability to meet their strategic goals without compromising on any of these factors.

We also understand that in many ways the outsourced software development model means a new business practice for the customer; full of hidden and explicit risks.  So if you have any questions about how your software development outsourcing needs can be fulfilled by us and what challenges and opportunities it might bring for your business;  please feel free to talk to us.




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