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Legacy Migration and Re-engineering

While there seems to be a neck-to-neck race between technology and time, organizations are exploring ways and means of keeping up with the technology in order to maintain an edge over competitors.  To realize this, a few of them have been redeveloping their applications with state-of-the art technologies.  As very few organizations have budget or time or resources for redevelopment, most opt for migrations and conversions.

At Syntax, we understand that migration/porting legacy applications requires a different strategy and approach.  It requires a thorough understanding of the technologies and platforms involved.  Our experience of working on various tools and technologies has helped us understand the nuances of the existing and evolving tools and technologies.  This has helped us strategize our approach towards the porting and migration needs of our customer.

We have the expertise to handle mission critical legacy applications that are of great value to organizations.

The issues facing migration tasks can be daunting. Over time, as technology changes, legacy applications can prove to be stumbling blocks for an enterprise-wide IT architecture and present several challenges in operations and maintenance.  These challenges can be categorized as

  1. High maintenance costs
  2. Non-availability of experienced resources
  3. Adapting to a constantly changing business and regulatory environment.

Our proven application migration and re-engineering solutions help organizations overcome these hurdles and unlock as much value from these applications as possible.

The Return On Investment on a migration project can be manifold. It can result from enhanced business support, significant improvement in the ability to integrate applications and reduced licensing and maintenance costs.

The key factor that adds value while working with us is our domain expertise in chosen business verticals.  This results in our ability to flawlessly execute re-engineering projects of varying sizes and complexities.  Our primary business goals are accelerated time-to-market and reduction in costs.

SYNTAX Offerings

Our tested indigenous Migration & Re-engineering Methodology is a four-phased approach.  The key to the approach is ensuring continuity and transparency across all the phases.  This is achieved with utilization of appropriate tools that integrate and drive the entire project.  Our diverse spectrum of application migration and re-engineering include:

  • Application Analysis: Analyzing the suitability of an application migration or re-engineering exercise including the choice of the target architecture.
  • Portfolio Analysis: Analyzing the suitability of re-engineering an entire portfolio of related applications.
  • Platform Migration: Migrating an existing application to new hardware, operating system, database or programming environment.
  • Application Re-engineering: Completely redesigning an application in order to provide superior functionality by taking advantage of new technology standards.

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