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Contentverse is finding major takers in India. Within a short period of its launch leading enterprises including Moser Baer, DS Constructions and Rockwell Automation have been adopters.





Salient Features

Contentverse is packed with several value added, time saving features. Some of these salient features include:

Contentverse provides its users a very intuitive and user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). Contentverse application utilizes a Multiple Document Interface (MDI). It consists of a parent window that contains child windows, menus, and toolbars that can be resized, repositioned or hidden. It is similar to the Windows™ Explorer™ interface and is easy to use. With its flexible use of space and tools, Contentverse can be customized to suit the changing needs of the end users. This makes Contentverse efficient and user-friendly.

DjVu is a proprietary, groundbreaking image compression technology used in Contentverse. It dramatically reduces file sizes without reduction in quality or readability. DjVu has been specifically engineered for access speed. Documents can be distributed and displayed extremely quickly even across narrowband and wireless networks. The readability of documents is maintained on all platforms with no compatibility problems. DjVu, also compares well with other existing file formats like JPEG, TIFF, PDF and GIF. This dramatic reduction in file sizes result in storage space cost reduction, increase in distribution speed and enhanced workflow.

Printer Driver
This is a unique feature offered by Contentverse. It functions as any other windows driver and allows users to directly save and print documents from any windows based applications into Contentverse. The documents are saved as an image, either in DjVu or TIFF format. With this unique option of Contentverse, users can easily and quickly convert and save a document into the Contentverse application. With Contentverse Printer Driver users realize savings in terms of material costs and time taken to print, scan and import documents.

MS Office Integration
Contentverse is designed to tightly integrate with the latest versions of MS Office Suite of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Express and Access. A Contentverse icon is added to the standard toolbar of every Office application. With a single click, users can directly save documents into Contentverse from within these applications.

255 File Formats Support
Contentverse supports an amazing 255 native file formats. Using advanced technology Contentverse allows users to view an amazing 255 types of file formats, all within the Contentverse viewer frame. This can be done without having the native software applications installed on any of the systems. With this distinct feature, organizations experience substantial savings on software-licensing costs and also save the effort and time spent on switching between different applications to view documents of different formats. It also enhances distribution and managing capabilities of various file formats directly from within the Contentverse application.

Batch Indexing
Batch-indexing feature provided by Contentverse is especially useful in situations where large numbers of documents have to be brought into Contentverse. Documents can be brought in from various sources such as the Contentverse printer driver, scanner, MS Office applications, fax and Xerox. The distinct benefit is that users can in one-shot input large numbers of documents into Contentverse, without having to worry about the storage location. This adds flexibility and simplicity to the workflow process and also optimizes resource management.

Output Modes
Contentverse offers an extensive range of output options to cover all possible requirements of businesses. Using tools easily available on the Viewer Toolbar, documents can be printed, e-mailed, faxed and exported without opening up other applications. Outputs to all modes are simple and involve choosing the required mode from the toolbar and selecting the appropriate dialog box options. While exporting, documents can be exported either in their original file formats or in various image and text formats including BMP, PSD, TIFF, JPEG, ASCII, HTML, Publisher, RTF and General Word Processor. These easy-to-use options help users save time.

Search & Find
Contentverse, offers users a rapid and powerful search mechanism that allows users to quickly locate documents from within a Room, Cabinet, Drawer or Folder. Contentverse supports simple search, advanced search and full text search.

Simple search: A simple search is used in cases where even the basic information regarding the required document is not known. Simple search facilitates wildcard and Boolean searches. It supports wildcards such as: * (asterisk), % ( percent sign) and _ (underscore).

Advanced Search: Advanced Search is used for locating documents when some basic information, such as the document type or value of an index field, is known. Contentverse provides users various parameters to conduct the search. These include Document location, Document Type, Document Creator, Document created date, Document modified date, Include Comments and All Previous Versions.

Full Text Search: In addition to the Simple and Advanced Searches, Contentverse also provides the optional Full Text Search to search for text contained within images and files in native formats. This is done by the optional FTS Indexer Engine, which extracts readable text from scanned Images and native formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, Text, DjVu and others. The Contentverse FTS Indexer uses a built-in OCR engine to extract recognizable text from images. The accuracy of this is determined by the quality and orientation of the image. Files that are encrypted or password protected are excluded from the search.

Contentverse is designed to provide an extremely secure environment within which documents can be managed. With its multi-tiered security model, Contentverse provides different levels of robust security to end-users. At the first level, Contentverse recognizes and interacts with existing network authentication. All privileges and restrictions determined by existing network regulations apply to Contentverse users as well. Secondly, the Contentverse administrator can control the security parameters of any individual component in the storage structure. Security can be managed for rooms, cabinets, drawers, folders and documents by assigning the appropriate set of privileges to users or groups. The third level of security is provided at the storage level. All documents are stored utilizing 128-bit encryption to ensure protection from unauthorized access.

Web Access
Contentverse, offers many value added features to accommodate the additional needs of users. Web Access is one of them. Web Access essentially allows remote users to access the Contentverse database through the Internet using a web-browser. There are three kinds of Web Access options. They are Web Client, Web Plus Client and Web-Top Client. 'Web Client', provides standard browser-based access with zero footprint. With this option, users can search, find and view a limited number of file formats. Redacted sections and annotation layers cannot be viewed. 'Web Plus Client', provides users with upgraded viewer options. It allows users to view all file formats that can be viewed by a Desktop client. Users can also view the redaction and annotation layers attached to a document. 'Web Top Client', allows users to view all file formats with the additional functionality of output options such as print, fax, e-mail, export, send to and OCR. With these value additions, Contentverse can cater to a geographically distributed workforce offering the same flexibility and reliability through the Internet.


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   » Rockwell Automation (India) Ltd.
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