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Contentverse is finding major takers in India. Within a short period of its launch leading enterprises including Moser Baer, DS Constructions and Rockwell Automation have been adopters.





In today's highly competitive market place, access to relevant, critical data is crucial. Enterprises recognize the need to deliver consistent, accurate content securely across all distribution points to varied and multiple audiences. Reduced time-to-market and mounting development costs, compel enterprises to enhance workflow efficiency and productivity. With an efficient document management solution, we help our customer's develop a custom-built solution to suit individual requirements and optimize key business processes and functions.

"On an average, professionals spend 50% of their time looking for information."

- Gartner

Product Overview

Contentverse is a feature-rich Integrated Document Management / Image Enabled Solution. Contentverse is engineered to facilitate compliance with current and emerging operational and regulatory compliance requirements for document imaging, capture / indexing, searching / retrieval, archiving and records management. It is robust, simple, reliable, cost effective, scalable and easy to use.

Contentverse is designed to operate in both WEB and LAN based environments. It leverages a firm's existing investment in their IT infrastructure, and operates on a variety of distributed and centralized topologies.  Contentverse integrates with other software applications within diverse operating environments.


Contentverse provides enterprises with a complete document management solution for faster information management.  Contentverse is customizable and can be tailor made to suit individual industry needs.  Following is a list of key features that facilitate easy and efficient management of all data and information of an enterprise.

Product Advantages

Contentverse offers enterprises many distinct benefits, the most notable among them are as follows:

Reduced Storage Costs by 50-80%
Increased Productivity by 25-50%
Lowered Transaction Times by 75%
Reduced Business Operating Costs by 20-30%
Reduced Document Retrieval Time by 30-90%
Faster and easier access to information across the enterprise
Improved workflow efficiency
Robust Multi-Tiered Security
Remote Access to Database


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» Indian Clientele
   » Moser Baer India Ltd.
   » D.S. Constructions Ltd.
   » Rockwell Automation (India) Ltd.
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» Case Studies
   » Williams, Pitts, & Beard  (53 KB pdf)
   » Will County  (14 KB pdf)
   » Meyer Corporation  (11 KB pdf)

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