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When Sunrise Transmissions wanted to modernize their multi-site legacy systems, Syntax provided a solution that was a paradigm shift





Syntax's wide repertoire of product offerings span from Enterprise Applications to Business Productivity Solutions.  Our rich experience in developing indigenous products in tandem with our distribution of world-class, best-of-breed products puts us in a position ideal to find optimal solutions for you.

This is Computhink's feature-rich IDM/Image Enabled Solution for Large Enterprises and SMEs. Syntax distributes and implements Contentverse throughout the country.
Cutting-edge applications from AnyDoc Software, Inc. provide the full spectrum of automated solutions for all your document and data capture needs, including Scanning software (local and remote), Forms processing (structured and unstructured) and Document imaging (storage and retrieval).
As a physician, providing efficient medical services to patients is your primary objective. Sifting through tons of patient charts and managing schedules is the last thing you need to consume your important resources time, effort and money. ezEMRx provides a fully integrated EMR solution which streamlines your clinical operations.
ezEMRx is a TOI healthcare innovation.

In addition, to these Enterprise level products, we also offer a wide range of Business Solutions and office productivity tools. Please see our Business Solutions section for more

Syntax deals with major industry standard products from leading manufacturers.


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