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Customer Speak

There is only one proof of ability: action.
- M Ebner-Eschenbach

I would like to chime in and extend my thanks to all that were instrumental to making this project succeed.  This project has been a testament to the fact that no matter how overwhelming and impossible tasks may seem at times, they can be tackled by good teamwork and true dedication.
- Project Lead, Offshore Customer

I would like to congratulate all of you who worked on the CCS project for a job well done. It took a lot of work and sacrifice to get us where we are but we made it. You have done it in great manner.
- Sr. Engagement Manager, Offshore Customer

Great work everyone.  I recognize that the success of this implementation is due to dedication, determination and extreme amount of energy all of you placed into this project.
- President, Enterprise solutions, Offshore Customer

I would like to add my congratulations and appreciation to each of you for a great job in making this milestone.  The number of people on this e-mail shows the value of team work and what can be accomplished with a winning attitude and a great team. Keep up the fine work and I am sure there will be more success.
- CEO, Offshore Customer.

100% Outstanding !
- VP-Services, Offshore Customer

The Solutions developed by Syntax helped us to capture Real time data and this has been a great help for accurate management analysis and forecasts, all at a low cost of ownership."
- GM in a Lead Industrial Gas Manufacturing Plant

Syntax's solution has bridged the imbalance between the legacy systems and an automated environment, thus giving us everything that a manufacturing set up needs.  It has helped us enhance enterprise efficiency and bring in effective control systems, thus easing our operations and saving on time and costs.  The collaboration with Syntax has been a very positive experience and we have established a close and durable relationship."
- Factory Manager of a Leading Electronic Component manufacturer.



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