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Karnataka Aviation Support Services

The Challenge:

  • Capture data such as Vehicle number, entry time and date
  • Allotment of Parking space
  • Capture data such as exit time and date, calculate parking duration, the amount and also generate check out receipt
  • Definition and marking of parking space with maximum utilization
  • Capture data of various agencies along with their vehicle nos. and duration of passes
  • Data of official employee and privileged passes
  • Provide printed slip at outlet
  • Generate numerous reports such as Daily Collection Report, Between Dates Collection Report, Privilege wise collection report, Agency wise Collection Report, Agency wise Report, Vehicle occupancy report and Check Out Report

The Approach

Syntax Soft-Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd. provided a complete solution using Contactless Smart Cards. The components involved in the solution are:

  • Contactless Smart Cards with 1 KB Memory
  • Contactless Handheld Readers for Entry Points
  • Contactless Handheld Readers with Printer attached for exit points
  • Vehicle Parking automation solution software
  • Server with printer attached to maintain database and also generate reports
  • Contactless smart card parking coupon provided to customers parking vehicles in the parking lot.
  • Contactless smart card coupons contain details such as Vehicle Number, Entry Time, Exit Time and coupon validity period
  • Customer cards will be issued by parking fee collectors using contactless handheld readers
  • Receipts will be generated at the exit point using the printer attached to the Contactless handheld reader
  • The details inside a card will be deleted and recycled at the entry point
  • The transaction data from Contactless handheld reader will be downloaded and stored in a for MIS reports generation

The Solution:

A completely integrated and holistic Vehicle Parking Automation Solution

The Benefits

  • Reduced cost of labor and operation
  • Increased accuracy of fee computation
  • Reduced mismanagement of funds.
  • Reduced congestion and pollution at exit
  • Easy monitoring and analysis of parking revenue
  • Improved scheduling and staffing
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster transaction processing

The Advantages

  • Due to automation and streamlining of workflow, exiting procedures are simplified and takes less time
  • Calculation of parking charge depends on the duration of parking
  • Maintains and provides up-to-date information on various agencies with their vehicle Nos. and duration of pass
  • Provides Daily Collection Report for the day at any given time
  • Provides generation of extensive reports for collections between two dates
  • Find facility allows automatic backtracking of Vehicle Nos.
  • Generates reports on Frequency of agency vehicles
  • Allots parking Space with efficient space utilization
  • Allows systematic parking of vehicles depending on standard dimension of a vehicle


The Parking Automation Solution was developed with Mifare Technology.

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