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Project Management Model

We have successfully developed and delivered software applications using customized software development methodologies.  Starting with requirements analysis, all the way to implementation, our software management processes and software engineering processes follow industry-standard specifications and are aligned to the key process areas of the SEI-CMM quality model.

Our time tested Development Methodology positively and significantly impacts our processes and the delivery of services.  Our quality processes and methodology provides customers with a framework for application development outsourcing that ensures the solution is "to customer specification, on time and within customer budget". This framework offers great cost benefits to customers without compromising on value addition and quality.  Our quality processes cover the breadth of all the phases of software development.

Our quality processes, are vital to build and implement technology-based solutions, while our process-oriented delivery management methodology, focuses to accelerate project completion without compromising on quality.  Our expertise spanning multiple application domains and technologies complements our quality processes and ensures reliability to product and custom application development projects.

Defect logging and tracking tools are used to capture, manage and track defects   A team of quality inspectors independently review the deliverables.  The stringent quality and testing process ensures that the deliverable is defect free.  A testing strategy and plan is prepared for every project.  The plan is compiled with test Cases that are mapped to requirement specifications & Use Cases.  The test plan and test cases ensure that functionality & business cycle is completely tested for various scenarios.

With our assured project methodology, we relentlessly strive to meet all clients' requirements satisfactorily while maintaining high standards of quality.  Our project methodology enables clients to reduce their cost of product development dramatically while keeping a control on the product quality.  Syntax has been consistently completing projects on time and our existing clients rely on this valuable attribute to diminish the risk of project overruns.




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