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Work Culture

"My work at Syntax has been challenging, but relaxed and comfortable. There is a lot to do but everyone around me is great to work with. My experiences here have groomed my leadership skills."

Syntax is a passionate, innovative and entrepreneurial organization, with a continuous focus on the all-round growth of its employees.

The corporate culture at Syntax is built and maintained in synchronization with the company's vision, strategy and objectives. It is committed to customer satisfaction and lasting relationships. The excellent rapport that Syntax enjoys with its customers originates from its interactive work culture, which provides in depth understanding of client's needs and the ability to develop innovative solutions.

Syntax strives to maintain high standards of conduct and integrity in all its relationships. This directly translates into maintaining an excellent professional work environment where honesty, openness and transparency is integrated in all transactions. Syntax offers an environment that facilitates growth and is committed to an open and non-hierarchical environment.

The core values of Innovation, Quality and Enduring Relationships symbolize the work culture in Syntax. The congruence between these innate values and the company's strategy is the greatest determinant of the organization's success.

To sum it all, Syntax believes in generating a healthy work culture that facilitates 'esprit de corps'.


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