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Business Solutions

To have all the right tools at the right time and at the right cost results in smooth operations and processes. Companies today, need to optimize expenditure, with a right mix of bundled & customized products, as well as by obtaining the correct licensing policies. There are numerous products in each Business Solution categories and the need is to get a partner who will act as a guide, a consultant, a provider and a support service as well.

Syntax's end object of providing infinite value extends far beyond its in-house products and services.  We understand the need (and cost-efficiency) of not reinventing the wheel! As a result, Syntax offers a huge and extremely comprehensive range of packaged products to provide solutions to all types of businesses and users.

We are not a standard re-seller . Our focus is to build a long-term relationship, with end-to-end services including pre- and post-sales support, installation, consultancy and maintenance.  Syntax aims to act as a single-window Procurement Partner.  We have the ability to even source products that are rare, or not easily available by conventional means.  Our strong alliances with major distributors ensure competitive pricing.

The entire range of tools caters to a wide variety of users including tools for:

Software Development Lifecycle Management
Help Authoring
Project Management
Configuration Management
Website/Portal Development & Deployment
Network Management
Productivity Enhancements
Knowledge Management
(And many more)

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