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As companies aim to increase growth and provide opportunity in a market with constantly shifting conditions, enhanced marketing, sales and delivery capabilities are critical. We believe that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Not because it is a dictum, but because we've experienced it. The emergent properties of these synergetic alliances provide a value proposition that is unbeatable in today's global, networked market.

"Synergism is the simultaneous actions of separate entities, which together have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects."

- Buchholz and Roth

Heightened Opportunities. Greater Expectations.
Our partnerships and alliances are, as always, focused on creating value - for customers, for investors, for employees and for all associates.  Syntax’s core expertise and its key focus in the software products development have attracted the attention of a number of global players.  The proof of Syntax’s dependability and track record is in the number of industry leaders alliances have been forged with.  Syntax has forged alliances with leading industry players both in the international and in the domestic market.

The advantages experienced by businesses, both the partners and customers are many.  We're able to tap into the global distribution of business resources and leverage the diversity of market demands.  Our own expertise becomes more diverse to handle variations in demand, culture and other geographical parameters. What happens operationally is that Syntax is transformed into one powerful Meta-entity that more robust, flexible, resilient and dependable.

In effect, the synergies provided by these alliances, when combined with the diverse experience and expertise of Syntax, is expected to elevate Syntax as a leading next generation software solutions company.

Computhink Incorporation.

Total OutSource, Inc (TOI) and Computhink, Inc. (CI) join hands and intend to expand their current business relationship from India to Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh. CI has chosen SYNTAX SOFT-TECH (INDIA) PVT. LTD., Bangalore, a Total Outsource Group Company as their ‘Offshore Development Centre’ for CONTENTVERSE product line. Apart from exclusive selling rights in these geographies, this joint venture will establish a unit of Computhink in India.


As a physician, providing efficient medical services to patients is your primary objective. Sifting through tons of patient charts and managing schedules is the last thing you need to consume your important resources – time, effort and money. ezEMRx provides a fully integrated EMR solution which streamlines your clinical operations.

ezEMRx is a TOI healthcare innovation.

AnyDoc Software.

We have an alliance with AnyDoc Software, Inc. who offer innovative document and data capture solutions that have been the industry standard since 1989. Thousands of companies worldwide regularly rely on its software to eliminate millions of man-hours of manual data entry while improving data accuracy and productivity. AnyDoc Software provides the full spectrum of information-capture solutions from form design to document storage and retrieval with its software products OCR for AnyDoc®, CAPTUREit™ and BROKERit™.

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