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In today's technology-driven business ecosystem, everyone agrees that change is not only constant but is also increasing at an exponential rate. At Syntax, we believe delivering true value is a result of staying on top of change. In fact, we take this one step further; we focus on being part of the very force that drives these changes.

"The business world, like life itself, never stops reinventing itself."

- Stephen Shapiro

Accelerating Adaptation
Does change have direction ?.  Neo-Darwinian principles define survival as a function of change; the ability to adapt to changing requirements.  All businesses are governed by these principles.  At Syntax, we are aggressive catalysts helping customers to leverage technology to accelerate adaptation.

Our focus is singular and clear: offer business benefits to the customer to deliver an unbeatable edge over competition.  That's the bottom line we like to put on top of everything else.  All our passion, all our values, our strengths, skills and efforts orbit around this positioning.  The idea of offering endless value to the customer is the very differentiating principle Syntax was founded on.

Building up from the direction our foundation gave us, our guaranteed, unwavering quality of delivery was built up by sheer determination, expertise and commitment.

 Having started in 1998 with a one-man team and a single client, Syntax today has a manpower base of over 150 that is expected to double within the year and a list of clients that reads like a Who's Who list of companies spread across geographies.  Syntax has now attained the position of an emergent powerhouse in Technology consulting, product development and Outsourcing services.

This amazing growth has resulted from the tremendous confidence Syntax has evoked in everyone alike - Management, Employees, Investors, Partners, Alliances and, of-course, our Clients. On the ground, Syntax is a people company. The company's backbone is its strong management team that keeps focused on the magic of the initial vision. In addition, the expertise and energy of the founders has filtered down to the entire team making it one complete dynamic entity with strong commitment and focus.

Adopting Acceleration
We continue to evolve rapidly by adopting emerging technologies and stressing on our research initiatives; we strive to stay at the leading edge of change.  Innovative excellence is at the heart of all our solutions and by staying at the leading edge of change, we help our clients leverage the best of the technology to meet their business objectives.  The ultimate objective - adopt the newest technologies and accelerate our clients adaptation to the competitive landscape.

The end result is always the same: Endless benefits. Limitless value.  Ad infinitum.



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