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Management Team

Syntax is piloted by professionals with new-world business intelligence and technological prowess, acquired from years of working for successful IT companies. The company's management team brings with it a strong blend of business management, marketing and sales expertise. The team's strategic business management has helped build, develop and retain a long-standing customer base.

"Leadership is action, not position."

- Donald H. McGannon


P. Prashant
A visionary and entrepreneur, Prashant was the man who conceptualized and founded Syntax.  Having worked with premier IT companies, Prashant brings with him vast and varied experience in Software Products Marketing, Training, Operations, HR, PR, Finance, Management and Administration. Presently, he heads the operations of Syntax and is the visionary charting the roadmap for the growth of Syntax in the Indian and Global market.

Srivatsa S
A certified Six Sigma Quality Professional, Srivatsa has been instrumental in creating & maintaining a proactive, professional and productive work culture at Syntax.  He has extensive domestic/overseas experience in Software Products Sales, Support, Service and Distribution.  Endowed with a zeal that is contagious and a 'never-say-die' attitude, Srivatsa competently steers Syntax towards its vision of being a premier IT Company.

Subramaniyan K. V
A lively idea-bank, Subramaniyan is responsible for the Technical and Software Development functions at Syntax.  His competencies include architecting, developing and delivering business process automation solutions.  At Syntax, Subramaniyan's responsibilities include establishing processes, developing procedures, documentation, quality systems, customized end-user solutions, software development life cycles and projects and products development.



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