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Syntax has a state-of-the-art R&D facility and Software development center at its corporate headquarters in Bangalore, India. In line with its commitment to developing real-world business solutions, the infrastructure at Syntax includes a facility with over 25,000 square feet of space that can accommodate up to 300 software professionals.

The salient features of this facility include:

  • 25000 Sq.ft of Ergonomically designed, fully air-conditioned office space with 24/7 support services.
  • A Completely networked work environment built with on CAT-6, 100 MBPS Local Area Network, 1 Ghz Foundry Networks manageable switches, Cisco router, Cisco PIX Firewall and Wireless (WiFi) enabled.
  • Servers include Sun Solaris 4500 enterprise servers, rack mounted Compaq and HP Servers with disaster recovery options.
  • The Latest Pentium based workstations with Flat display panels.
  • A dedicated (upgradable on demand) data communications link to meet communication, data transfer and delivery / deployment mechanisms for clients.
  • Access to a repository of software (on the servers) to all systems.

  • Software suite that includes:
    • Configuration Management Tools
    • Project Planning and Management Tools
    • Development and Debugging Environments
    • Testing and Test Coverage Tools
    • A host of other Productivity Tools and Engines
  • A well-equipped library collection complete with books, journals and periodicals on current industry trends and technologies
  • The latest Alcatel digital Epabx system, with digital phones and extensions.
  • Dedicated VoIP lines to facilitate international voice communications.
  • State of the art power and backup power systems with APC Silicon 40 kva UPS and Caterpillar 320 kva backup Diesel Generator.


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